Wintersday Delivery (Short Story)

Wintersday Zine

A short story set in the world of Guild Wars 2's Tyria, written for the fan-zine Chimes. It was released for a limited time with all profits donated to Doctors Without Borders

Rhea signs up for a freelance job on Wintersday to help the Apprentice Yemm deliver Toymaster Tixx's toys across the Shiverpeak Mountains. What should have been an easy job ends up going awry.

White Angel (webcomic)

1 Volume (126 pages)

Discontinued. Story is being re-written for book format, however you can still read volume 1 online.

Sophiel is a freshly fallen angel with little knowledge of the world or even the reasons behind her sudden exile. Now her presence in the mortal world is awakening the supernatural one that had long ago faded to myth. Demons and dormant agents of both sides.