March Update: More MMOs

A new month come and gone!

You know those moments when it seems like your body is just going “f*** you!” and tries to pile all these problems on at the same time? Yeah…. >.> Previous illness is getting under control, but now new issues arise and my body is definitely trying to war with me. Thank you…. -_-”

But as highlights of the month, GDC week was in March. I didn’t go (I’m not in games anymore), but I did catch up with some old classmates and alumni from the ETC. It was nice seeing them again, strangely nostalgic and bittersweet (as it reminded me of the joys and trials of working at EA). I got a fast forward update of the gaming industry trends of the year and #1 at GDC… was virtual reality. Honestly? I’m not too excited about this. I’ve tried Oculus and Google Cardboard equivalents from other developers and while it’s fun and very immersive to see an environment react to the rotation of my head, the motion sickness it induces really reduces gameplay to just a few minutes. So while my fantasy would definitely be to immerse in a 1st person MMO and take on dragons from the perspective of my character’s avatar, that disconnect between what I’m seeing and what my body is really doing is too jarring to endure for any long-term session. A friend of mine who works in VR explained it to me once before (something to do with inner-ear fluid motion). If these new VR models can somehow mitigate that issue, then we definitely have a game hardware revolution on our hands. But… until then, I’ll just keep watching from the sidelines…

… And play more Guild Wars 2! 😀

My friends, sadly, are not inclined to join me in my in-game roaming (they’re all committed to other titles), so I’ve started reaching out to other online gamers, namely joining a public guild (it is a game called ” guild wars”). My first encounters were a little… creepy (apparently being female in real life is a novelty worth noting and oggling in the online gaming world… which is weird to me since most of my MMO-playing friends are female), but for the most part, GW2 players are very friendly. I ended up joining a role-playing group, RPcd. I’ve never really done role play before. The closest I’ve gotten is in my game design class back in grad school where we had to design one, and a guy in my group ran us through a mini D&D dungeon, but this wasn’t quite the same since the characters were given to us and no one was really playing out their roles. This group is very light on the “role-play” part, though some do play in-character. They are an action-based guild that likes to welcome new players and help guide others across the maps of Tyria, and they are flexible about having people jump in and leave as real-life calls, so it’s a good group to just find friendly faces to play with. Honestly you have to run & fight so much that it’s hard to really stop and type out a line… so to me so far, it’s just mindless roaming and killing of things with an occasional emote about the environment or pretending to drink water from a canteen. Some of them really do get in to the role-playing aspects, and I feel a little awkward witnessing it (intimate conversations that are emoted get seen by everyone), but for me, it’s really no different than getting immersed in a RPG’s story and then saying the lines you think your character would REALLY say in that situation. I mean, when u finally beat that dragon, don’t you want to cheer with the other players?

I have not gotten that deep in to the role-playing part yet. Maybe I will in the future since I do like creative writing (and maybe not with this group, b/c I don’t think it would be very easy for me with the given pace). This is kind of like the campfires back in days, I think. 🙂

Finally, here is an image of my new level 80 Human Thief, Sonieeee wearing some variation of a medium armor outfit (or what I could remember of it). Probably somewhere in Sparkfly Fen. The blue thing next to her is called a Quaggan, which I recently got as a stuffed animal from a friend who went to GDC and knew I was a GW2 fan. 🙂

Sophie and a Quaggan
Sophieee, my Guild Wars 2 character with a Quaggan.

January Update

I want to try and make writing in an online blog a monthly routine, if anything, to just share and reflect on the events of the month. Honestly, with how busy I get and how I want to use my time, this is really all I can and want to dedicate to in terms of consistency. Comic pages don’t draw themselves, after all!

That said… I have to admit January was not a good start in terms of page turnout. On the plus side, I’ve been giving myself more time to just draw for fun vs for a goal. But as a down side, the overall output of comic pages (or anything creative, really) has declined.

My culprit? Health. And computer games. One leads to the other, I swear!

Being at a suboptimal level of health this last month, fatigue and discomfort left me unmotivated to really DO anything. So instead, I played a lot of Guild Wars 2. And caught up on TV shows. And youtube… the greatest time sinker of all. ^^”

But as I slowly improve, I’ve started working out again, something I haven’t consciously done in a fewyears. I know its stereotypical to start hitting the gym at the beginning of the New Year, but rather than aim for some lofty weight loss or fitness goal, I think this time I am doing it for the right reasons. Rather than aiming for a goal like “lose 10 lbs” (anyone ever notice how all those health magazines like to advertise 10 lbs weight loss? why 10? why not 8? 15?), exercise this time is about restoring balance in my life. Creating routine in my daily schedule where i take time to care about my body and put some effort in to making it function efficiently. Goals are great things to have for many, but I think for me, creating habits is more important. And so far so good. I’m getting used to waking up early to work out and only avoid it if I’m particularly feeling awful that day.

So with health not so great this past month, the amount of activity I’ve partaken in is rather minimal. The highlights are mostly through visual technologies: My parents got a puppy (which even though it’s really theirs, I think I’ve already internally claimed it as mine too). Guild Wars 2 has been consuming the entertainment portion of my life. And I went to a couple of Drawing Meetups again just to see some faces (and otherwise claim that yes! I am a social being).

Other than that, just healing up and getting by. I am optimistic things will swing back to normal energy levels again, though I have no doubts that it is going to take me awhile to get back there. But perhaps future updates will have more news to share. 🙂

In the meantime, here’s an Alice In Wonderland-inspired tea party I drew. 🙂

Alice having tea
A rendition of Alice from Alice In Wonderland having Tea with the White Rabbit