Daily Drawing: January 2018 Review

Happy (belated) New Year!

There hasn’t been that much update from me, but hopefully this new project will change that.

For 2018, I decided to take on a 365 day challenge by drawing daily for the entire year. Initially, I was apprehensive about my ability to complete such a challenge due to the required time commitment, but I am finding it’s becoming easier to draw and remain consistent as time goes on. I have, admittedly, had days where I’ve skipped and then drew double the following day. Still, it’s overall do-able for me. Plus I’m enjoying the challenge.

Here’s the 1st month’s progress so far!

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Inktober Time!

Inktober has already begun. I’m doing daily drawings, practicing art styles this time by using different tools each week or so. I’m posting some of the results, mostly via Instagram and Twitter, but trying not to be too spammy with unpolished art.

But the start of Inktober reminds me that I never shared the culmination of last year’s Inktober. 🙂

These were all scanned in from my sketchbook. I forget what my theme was. Males? I dunno.

Anyways, enjoy!

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Portrait Painting Progress

Back in January 2017, I started a skill improvement exercise of digitally painting human portraits, something I was struggling with a bit. With the goal of completing 10 paintings, I could then compare and see if the exercise helped improve my skill over time. I’ve been hesitating to share because looking back, I’m almost embarrassed by the 1st attempts, but… learn from the past right?

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