Inktober Time!

Inktober has already begun. I’m doing daily drawings, practicing art styles this time by using different tools each week or so. I’m posting some of the results, mostly via Instagram and Twitter, but trying not to be too spammy with unpolished art.

But the start of Inktober reminds me that I never shared the culmination of last year’s Inktober. 🙂

These were all scanned in from my sketchbook. I forget what my theme was. Males? I dunno.

Anyways, enjoy!

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New Art, Sketches etc

Decided to revive my old blog/sketchblog and dig up some art to share.

I’ve been playing around with ProCreate most recently on the iPad Pro. It’s pretty nice, once you get used to it, though the coloring is more akin to coloring in Photoshop than it is to coloring in Paint Tool Sai or Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint. I miss the blending that Clip Studio can achieve, but for an inexpensive app that runs on an iPad Pro? This is really nice.

Some examples:

Sylvari sketch
Tested out a pencil brush that I downloaded from another site. This feels a lot more intuitive than the default pencils. This is a drawing of my Sylvari character in Guild Wars 2… probably younger than she actually is in game but oh well.
steampunk girl
Partially done in ProCreate, partially done in Clip Studio, I rather like how this one turned out. A steampunk-designed girl, wearing a starter costume that I own.
girl eating ramen
Tried for softer shading in ProCreate, part of a recent skill-practice/training bout I’ve been on.