Hello world!

Hehe. Hi. 🙂

My name is Theresa (also called “Ting” by some friends). I work in the tech industries but aspire to more creative endeavors. Pinning down what creative endeavor to focus my energies on exactly is really where the challenge lays. Lately I think about writing (I have a plot line mapped out that I’m eager to start working on!), but at the moment, I’m currently chugging away at the pages of a webcomic that is much larger than I probably should have done for a 1st project. I’m thinking about dropping it soon, but I want to at least finish it to 1 volume, just to have that accomplishment on my bookshelf. 🙂

So about me…
I draw, I write, I travel (when I can). I think you could call these things my passions in life.

This website is my way of sharing these passions with the world and consolidating each one in to its own channel. This website is like the hub where you can find access to the different channels I lurk.

Care to know more about me? Check out my Instagram for the more day-to-day adventures and other photos.
Want to see more art? I frequently share my doodles and sketches on my Tumblr.

Otherwise, feel free to just connect with me on Twitter or Deviant Art.