June & July Update – Trip to Ohio and Some Games

Hi again. I missed a month’s update. Oops. Well, here’s my update for the last 2 months then. ๐Ÿ™‚ June and July, the summer months that see a lot of street festivals, food festivals, and all sorts of activity in the Bay Area. I’m still recuperating from long-term illness (at least I think I’m healing. […]

April Update

A little late this time, but hereโ€™s my update for April. April was a good month, I think. For the most part anyways. Aside from the usual Drawing Meats meetups and errands, I actually took a trip outside of California this time! I went to Seattle for 4 days, an opportunity that I snatched up […]

March Update

A new month come and gone! You know those moments when it seems like your body is just going “f*** you!” and tries to pile all these problems on at the same time? Yeah…. >.> Previous illness is getting under control, but now new issues arise and my body is definitely trying to war with […]

February Update

February seems to have flown by fast! It makes sense (somewhat) because of the missing days, but that really did seem to disappear as soon as it arrived. I’m still sick, but, I think, slowly improving… I was able to do more this month than the last. I’ll call that a step in the right […]

January Update

I want to try and make writing in an online blog a monthly routine, if anything, to just share and reflect on the events of the month. Honestly, with how busy I get and how I want to use my time, this is really all I can and want to dedicate to in terms of […]

Hello world!

Hehe. Hi. ๐Ÿ™‚ My name is Theresa (also called “Ting” by some friends). I work in the tech industries but aspire to more creative endeavors. Pinning down what creative endeavor to focus my energies on exactly is really where the challenge lays. Lately I think about writing (I have a plot line mapped out that […]